Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The guitar

Ernie and David Zenteno with David's
grandchildren , Isabella and Noah Zapata
When creating this sculpture there are several ways that I can create the guitar.

  • I could hand sculpt the guitar with clay over foam. 
  • I could 3D scan Norma's guitar and have it reproduced in foam and clay
  • I could get a real guitar and modify it. 

For the budgets sake we have decided to go with the last option.  So, it was put in the hands of the family to find a guitar.  Ernie, Norma's brother and bass guitar player for the family band found the perfect guitar to be a part of this sculpture.  

I'm glad that they were able to do this. I may have to actually anchor the guitar to the sculpture and I needed something that it was o.k. to destroy. Even so, I'm a guitar player and hurting this instrument in any way will cause the musical muse and the artistic muse great dissension. 

The project is moving along. I can't wait for our photo sitting tomorrow with Angie, Norma's daughter.  

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